Your Caring Counts

Hope for Freedom Society and Hope for Freedom Outreach and Advocacy extend their gratitude for both your interest and support of our ministry. We strive to broaden our reach to those least likely to have the resources to help themselves and it is through our donors that we are able to continue to have the ability to refine and strengthen our programs and services.

We continue to effectively disrupt the cycle that so often traps people in a lifestyle fraught with substance abuse, mental illness, violence and hopelessness. Our organization, our facilities and our resources provide a viable alternative to those tempted by these self-destructive activities. By adding relevant programs and watching current trends, Hope for Freedom Society continues to be effective and relevant in our community, our region, and our country. Our purpose is to serve the addicted and the homeless.

Our task is great but with your support and encouragement our work is made easier. Hope for Freedom is successful through the hard work of its dedicated staff and volunteers, the commitment of program participants to introduce positive change in their lives, and of course, through the generous donations of individuals, businesses and others who support our organization’s mission.

Your help is needed. Please go to the “Canada Helps” link on this website to add your contribution. Thank you for your caring and support.