What We Do

  • Spring 2016

    Maple Ridge launch

  • Men's Recovery Program

    Hope for Freedom's mens recovery program is for men who are seeking real life transformations and are serious about breaking their addictions that cripple their lives. This is a residential program.

  • Women's Recovery Program

    Glory House provides an effective environment for women recovering from addiction. Our program also addresses issues that we consider `gender specific`.

  • Outreach

    Our endeavor is to become a safety net for our neighbors in times of need, offering voice, direction and physical support through ongoing help.

  • Meals Program

    Our meals program brings people together around healthy food, providing opportunities to make friends, build skills, combat social isolation, and advocate for change.

  • Bridge Shelter

    Last year we served 176 people at our shelter. We were able to transition 96 people from homelessness to housing.

  • volunteer

    We offer a platform for the community to get involved and make a difference.

Community Services

We offer a sustainable, faith based presence in our community that reaches out to support individuals and families who have been challenged by such things as family breakdown, illness, job loss, addiction, and poverty.

As a community service provider we strive to create conditions that will give men, women and children in our local community the ability to succeed.

Success to us means that no need should go unmet. Our programs not only reach those that are facing serious life issues, but provide a platform for others in our community who are wishing to make a difference.

Community Focused

Working together with local churches and volunteers we are able to provide the personal relationships that are needed to empower individuals and their families to reach their potential . With the sponsorship of local small business and corporate donors we contribute to a healthy community that is able to see the value in working together.

Real Solutions

Our outreach workers help individuals set goals, access needs and develop a plan of action to begin to remove barriers and overcome obstacles. This can include a wide range of services such as basic shelter and food needs, addressing addiction and other functional barriers, job search skills, family and individual counselling, education and career planning.

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