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Hope for Freedom Society and Hope for Freedom Outreach and Advocacy desperately need your contributions. Our donors provide us with the ability to refine and strengthen our programs and services. We continue to effectively disrupt the cycle that so often traps people in a lifestyle fraught with substance abuse, mental illness, violence and hopelessness. Our latest objective includes the operation of a 6 month seasonal mat program to bridge the gap in services between now and the time that a permanent shelter on Gordon Avenue becomes operational.

Each year Hope for Freedom Society strives to broaden its reach to those least likely to have the resources to help themselves. Our residential treatment program remains stable yet continues to adapt to a changing landscape. Drug use habits have changed as have attitudes toward the homeless. The use of methamphetamines and crack cocaine has become increasingly more popular among both populations. There is a wider, more visible presence of gangs and gang activity. The consequence is that our communities have become much more dangerous places to live. Our organization, our facilities and our resources provide a viable alternative to those tempted by these self-destructive activities.

By adding relevant programs and watching current trends Hope for Freedom Society continues to be effective and relevant in our community, our region, and our country. Our mandate remains unchanged. Our purpose is to serve the addicted and the homeless as well as to minimize the burden that these particular populations may put on our local citizens and services.

Economic uncertainty is reflected in an ongoing drop in donor generated revenue. Our financial challenges are perennial as donations continue to drop dramatically. Hope for Freedom Society is again asking you to extend your hand to aid us financially. We are again including a plea to our donors to continue contributing as we attempt to recruit new donors to assist us in meeting our objectives.

As always, you can conveniently donate directly through our “Canada Helps” link on our website @

Other Ways to Donate:

  • Call us with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express to donate via telephone.
  • Cheques can be sent payable to Hope for Freedom Society
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