Success Stories

    Sean M.’s Story

    I first came to Resurrection House in January of 2010 after living a life consisting of homelessness and drug addiction. Before entering Hope for Freedom Society’s rehab program I had felt broken and hopeless.

    During my time on the streets of Port Coquitlam I was in regular contact with Hope for Freedom Society’s Outreach and Advocacy team and was frequently accessing the many services they provided. The outreach team inspired me with their genuine care for me and my situation. By sharing their own experiences with substance abuse and homelessnessness they convinced me to surrender and try sobriety again.

    Since coming to Hope for Freedom Society’s Resurrection House and rekindling my relationship with God the healing process began to restore my life.

    Hope for Freedom Society has given me the tools and support needed to recover from a lifestyle that bankrupted me physically, mentally and spiritually. Today I am eternally grateful to have choices and a safe environment from which to make them.

    From “Anonymous”

    For five years, I was stuck in a vicious circle of drugs and alcohol and I become powerless and hopeless.  Today, I have found hope for a future by returning to school to study Social Work.  I remember the day when I walked through the doors of “Hope for Freedom Society” as a broken man.  I was emotionally, mentally and spiritually bankrupted with no promise.  I was sad.  

    From the support and trained staff, counsellors and pastors I found recovery and became spiritually grounded.  Hope for Freedom Society provided me a safe and respectful place to heal.  With the use of Christian doctrines, the twelve step program and including structured programs I am a new creature with 8 months of sobriety/drug free.  The Society has helped me transform my life and I have purpose.