Hope for Freedom’s outreach team was given a mandate; to support those that are most often overlooked. In the early spring of 2006, we began our work with the homeless that resided within the Tri-Cities. Our managing director was approached by the provincial government and was asked to develop and operate a pilot program providing advocacy and support to the local homeless population. Since its inception our team has assisted well over 500 disenfranchised people. Many were led to treatment and eventually permanent housing. We have forged relationships that are integral in the facilitation of the transformation of lives.

Our impact on our community and neighbours is unparalleled. Within the 2013/2014 shelter season outreach was able to successfully transition 96 individuals out of an estimated 176 to housing and treatment programs. Moreover, the BC Regional RCMP stated: “As a result of Hope for Freedom Society’s overall efforts within the Tri-Cities community the survival crime rate has dropped an astounding 27%!”

Combating homelessness continues to one of the foundations of Hope for Freedom Society’s success in the Tri-Cities.

How We Help

  • Immediate help with homeless shelter
  • Connection to various community resources
  • Housing searches
  • Referrals to addiction services/health care within community
  • Referrals to mental health
  • Clothing/Showers
  • Meals & food supports
  • Applications for Income Assistance

Reach Up

  • Contact

    Lisa +1 604-830-1528

    Stan +1 778-862-0692


  • Funded by the Province of British Columbia through BC Housing a Provincial Crown Corporation.