Glory House and the Female Demographic


Hope for Freedom Society began its work with females when it opened “Glory House”, residential treatment facility in 1998. Glory House is a stand-alone residence situated on the north side Port Coquitlam. Its location is not divulged via media (website, business cards etc.).

We immediately recognized that there would be certain issues that might be considered gender-specific. We are aware of the fact that women might be more prone to abuse or being abused and that the overall safety our female clients should be paramount. Over time we developed policies, strategies and guidelines that ensure their safety. We have a longstanding policy of client confidentiality which would naturally not only extend, but be enhanced for our female clients.

When Hope for Freedom Society’s outreach and advocacy program started in 2006 our insight into the homeless/addicted female population grew exponentially. Clients were interviewed and tracked. Data was collected, reported and retained in both our own database and the BC Housing database. Our rapport with the target population was strengthened by our workers in the field and we developed a clearer view of what the female portion of the demographic consisted of.