A Message from the Directors

Since our incorporation in 1998, Hope for Freedom Society (HFFS) has dedicated its self to fulfilling our mission statement: “To provide a safe, caring, non-judgmental environment for people suffering from abusive and addictive lifestyles.”

In spring 2006, HFFS expanded the reach of our ministry by becoming involved in homelessness initiatives and added to its mission statement: “To assist homeless people in finding a way home”.

Our commitment to these two statements remains unshakable as we look to the future of our organization and the challenges before us. The HFFS Board of Directors is keenly aware that the methods we choose to fulfill our ministry and advance social justice are not always popular in some communities. However our conviction and resolve is continually reinforced by the many life-changing successes we see in the lives of our clients every day.

By the grace of God and a little help from HFFS, many people lost in a life of addiction and homelessness have been able to realize their “hope for freedom”. In recent years our work in the sub-cultures of addiction and homelessness has been recognized by agencies, government at all levels and the community at large. We are grateful for that recognition and hope to nurture the continued support of the community around us. While recognition is important to advancing our ministry and generating more support for social justice, the real success of HFFS comes from the on-going commitment and servant hearts of our staff and volunteers. These people have a powerful conviction and a charitable attitude to continue to do the work most people in our culture won’t.

As you look through our website we hope to educate you on the realities of addiction and homelessness, inspire you to recognize their devastating impact on society and challenge you to consider supporting our on-going fight for social justice.