The Community

On a number of occasions HFFS has felt it prudent to be proactive with the communities and neighborhoods that it will impact most directly. We practice a policy of notifying communities by way of invitation to information sessions and “town hall” meetings hosted in venues that allow the citizens a voice to express their concerns. We have made it a habit to attend and represent ourselves at local city council meetings whether a vote is scheduled or not. This practice allows us to eliminate many preconceived notions as to what our organization is about and who we serve. We have signed “Good Neighbor Agreements” with cities whose residents and neighborhoods are in close proximity to any one of our shelters or residential recovery homes.

HFFS enjoys a longstanding reputation as an organization with a high success rate in the reduction of homelessness and the rehabilitation of the addicted. We take every opportunity to speak on behalf of the homeless and addicted. We have never shied away from media attention. HFFS has had virtually no adverse effect on the surrounding community, yet has operated residential recovery homes, an outreach program and shelters for 15, 6 and 4 years respectively. We are highly effective, yet low-profile among our current neighbors to the Tri- cities community as a whole.