About Us

Hope for Freedom Society’s experience with the addicted and homeless in the Tri Cities is irrefutable. Incorporated in 1997 and registered as not-for-profit, faith based Christian society; our organization’s humble beginnings consisted of a three-phase residential treatment program. Within the last 15 years we have grown considerably. We now offer a residential, open-ended, phased reintegration program for those suffering from chemical dependencies. We currently have an 80 bed capacity for the treatment of chemical dependencies – 18 of those beds delegated exclusively for women.

In 2006 we initiated the first homeless outreach program for the Tri-Cities. We employ a permanent mobile team of homeless outreach workers with a separate resource center. Hope for Freedom Society’s outreach and advocacy team is responsible for tracking the local homeless population as well as providing assistance in the search for suitable housing, meals, clothing, and many other related services. Their work is primarily done in the field and is strictly hands-on.

In 2007 we began operating Port Coquitlam’s first annual cold, wet weather mat shelter program. In the short term we provide the homeless with a comfortable, clean and well managed shelter that includes access to a range of support services. In the long term we provide services that allow clients to deal with other barriers; most notably affordable housing, addiction, mental illness, general health issues and unemployment including access to detox and long-term residential treatment for addictions.